Contextual insights for hyper-personalization

BigTapp InfoActiv Platform is an unique semantic computing platform that harvests insights to enable meaningful, long-lasting, and non-intrusive customer engagement. The Single Customer View (SCV) we build with this platform - who they are, what they want, along with an identity for every touchpoint - helps BigTapp’s customers to increase the lifetime value of their customers. 

From data silos and data inconsistency to a 720° single customer view 

Traditional Single Customer Views focussing on data available in transaction systems only provide a partial understanding of the customer, as it is limited to what they have transacted with us. How can we form a complete picture of the customer beyond their transactions with us? 

Customers provide valuable insights in terms of their needs and behaviour in a multitude of interactions both within the organisation in touchpoints like website, chat and contact centre, as well as external environments like social media and forums. BigTapp’s InfoActiv platform integrates both structured and unstructured data from transactions and interactions to create an enhanced profile of the customers. BigTapp’s InfoActiv Platform sources a wealth of insights from structured internal data and unstructured data such as emails, blog posts, online reviews, tweets, etc., reads, and understands the context to create a single consistent 720° single customer view. The comprehensive customer profiles that it builds empowers business users to create personalized customer experiences with relevant, actionable insights. Businesses can manage their customer data through one central platform and leverage it for multiple use cases such as Sentiment Analytics, Behaviour Analytics, Campaign Analytics, and Loyalty Analytics. 


The Components

InFoActiV Studio

Combines Configuration of projects to applying domain Ontologies. It offers complete control over how you access and use the content that matters most.

InFoActiV Discoverer (NLP / Text Analytics / ML / DL)

Extracts valuable information such as context, concepts, entities and relationships from unstructured customer data much as a human would and translates it into formats that structured systems can understand. It lets you uncover patterns and themes, so you know what customers are thinking about.

InFoActiV Audience Optimiser(AI)

Enables creating audience segments from the mass of data and analytic insights available for targeted bulk marketing. It provides a natural language interface for asking questions and exploring insights to create precision segments based on country,  behaviour,  gender, domain of interest, sentiment, intent etc.

InFoActiV Insights Explorer

Enables “Train-of Thought” analytics. It helps users quickly check the insights over data and do a faceted search based on the criteria provided.

InFoActiV Integrator

Helps users transfer the segmented target audience data or other insights to marketing tools such as email marketing platform, ad platforms, and other data stores.

Customer Case Studies

Optimization of marketing programs (campaigns) leveraging BigTapp’s InfoActiv platform

How we helped the leading Online Financial Services provider in uncovering the life events of customers and provided better targeted campaigns… 

How we helped a leading Online Financial Services provider in identifying the life events of customers

How we helped the leading Bank in Singapore in targeting right customer segment using Life events; Customer segment targeted – Young affluent parents. Life event: Children in family. Product: Lif...

C720 based on Social Media to identify which social media is popularised by their customers for marketing spend

How we created Customer 720 view and identified the social media that are getting popularized by their customers… 

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